Create Remarkably Productive Centers Of Influence

A comfortable “Permission Based,” approach to a simple warm introduction discussion is the easy way to quickly transform your best clients into productive centers of influence and sustainably grow your book of quality clients and your business.

What you expect from a permission based, quality client acquisition strategy:

  • This approach is simple and quickly learned and integrated into your practice and produces measurable, positive results immediately…within days.
  • You will not interrupt your daily routine.
  • You will create quality centers of influence who are your advocates.
  • Your new high-quality warm introductions and first appointments will increase consistently.
  • Your productivity, revenue, and book of quality clients will substantially grow on an ongoing basis.
  • You will be differentiated from the competition.
  • You will do more of the work you love with the people you love to work with – your quality clients and their quality friends and colleagues.
  • You will have less stress!


Matthew G. Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition

People Don’t Trust You: Ignoring This Worldview Is A Mistake

It’s not specifically you. The problem is that you’re a Financial Advisor and most people have a distrust of the industry. (Darth Vader post) It’s an established “worldview”, a belief or bias, and it’s not something you can change, no matter how many facts and figures you present to clients and prospects. If your message is framed in a way that conflicts with their worldview, you’re invisible.” But speaking respectfully to someone’s worldview is the price of entry to get their attention and is the most incredible growth multiplier. 


Matthew G Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition