Warm, quality personal introductions from a best client are at their core an endorsement where your client is explicitly vouching for your value, authenticity, and character. In addition, your client is making an implicit statement that you are worth the time of their quality friends or colleagues. That’s a pretty high standard indeed..
Warm, quality personal introductions from best clients are by far the most important currency for Financial Advisors and set the stage for significant growth.

Want Warm Personal Introductions? Here’s How to Get Them!

Our Client-Centric Marketing (CCM) program will quickly help you access this treasure trove. With CCM, Financial Advisors can now make high-value, high-quality new client acquisition simple, measurable, and very effective because it…

  • is easily learned and quickly adapted.
  • increases warm, endorsed high-value, personally introduced first appointments.
  • increases productivity and revenue.
  • is pleasant and comfortable for clients, prospects and Advisors.
  • speaks to a client’s worldview and opens them to us.
  • erases client skepticism and converts many of your best clients into your Advocates who are productive Centers of Influence.
  • builds each Advisor’s comfort and confidence while reducing stress. 
CCM will make a huge difference in your productivity, revenue, and the size of the quality client book of your practice. Do you want to learn more about quickly and effectively mastering this innovative approach for new, high-quality, client development?

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You’ll learn how Client-Centric Marketing for Financial Advisors simply and effectively grows your client base and business. 

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