Experienced Advisors have business that is profitable and successful and though it may seem counterintuitive, it is poised to take off… by harvesting your dormant assets.

It only takes a few minutes to identify these assets. Harvesting them is quickly learned and implemented in a few days, producing measurable results within weeks with no interruption to your daily routine.

Dormant assets are warm, personally introduced meetings and appointments with the quality relationships of an Advisor’s “Current and Future” best clients… the clients Advisors dream of replicating.

Dormant Assets are not only low hanging fruit ready for harvesting, but they are also perennials. They regenerate!

All that’s required is a carefully framed, comfortable conversation… comfortable for your best clients, the clients you would love to replicate, and comfortable for you.

It is the easy and effective way for you to have a consistent pipeline of warm, high quality prospect meetings.

Increasing warm, quality prospect meetings routinely maintains significant growth and rate of growth in your productivity & revenue, your book of quality clients, and the valuation of your business – your prized asset.


Matthew G Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition