Expert Marketing for Financial Advisors That Provides a Complimentary Proof of Concept

Client Centric Marketing (CCM) for Financial Advisors is a simple and effective strategy for new, quality client development. Our marketing solution for Financial Advisors will quickly, efficiently, and sustainably grow your business.

The best thing? It can be learned and integrated into your practice within 30 days, producing measurable positive results.

Also, because CCM’s coaching approach seamlessly integrates with your financial practice, you market as you work. So you can learn and test CCM while conducting your daily business activities.

What Happens When You Adopt CCM?

What can you expect from this excellent, new, quality client development strategy for Financial Advisors?

  • Your new high-quality, warm introductions and new first appointments will increase dramatically.
  • You will create quality client advocates who are productive centers of influence.
  • Your productivity and revenue will significantly increase.
  • You will be differentiated from the competition.
  • You will market while you work: a win-win situation.
  • You will do more of the work you love with the people you love to work with: your quality clients and their quality friends and colleagues.
  • You will have less stress and more success!

Learn More About CCM for Yourself

Learn more about how CCM can benefit your practice.

You can have a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one call with Matt Bellis. 

You will learn about Client Centric Marketing and how it simply enables you to effectively create new warm, high-quality, personally endorsed introductions and first appointments on an ongoing basis with the quality friends and colleagues of your current and future best clients. You don’t have to change your daily routine. You just speak with your clients. 

Matt also provides proof!

A Complimentary Proof of Our Concept

The CCM program is structured with a one-week complimentary coaching component, specifically to provide proof-of-concept, as some Advisors are skeptical of new marketing strategies and approaches.

The coaching week includes the brief “5-minute test call” with 2-3 of your quality, best clients.  Effective and easy, this call is very comfortable and relaxed for your clients and you. It is on this call that your clients will give you permission to schedule a follow-up call to specifically discuss personal introductions to their quality friends and colleagues. It’s easy.

Client Centric Marketing (CCM) is your optimal strategy to comfortably leverage your relationships with your best clients to significantly increase your high-quality client book-of-business on an ongoing basis.

You Have A Marketing Story That May Suck…

Client Centric Marketing Can Help You Stand Out

Change your marketing story from suck to success with Client Centric Marketing

Are you wondering why your high-quality and best clients are not personally introducing you to their high-quality best friends and colleagues? Wondering why you have so few brand new, warm and exceptional first appointments? What could be happening?

At Client Centric Marketing, we know what’s happening. It’s probably because your “Marketing Story” is not worth talking about.

Why? Because it’s not remarkable.

The Problem

We have talked with countless Financial Advisors and for the most part, their marketing stories are the same. Their focus is on how they are different, where they went to school, the degrees they have earned, how great their numbers are, their charitable work, family, and so on.  

Your high-quality clients and your best prospects don’t see this kind of story as remarkable. Our Client Centric Marketing approach will change how they see your practice by adopting a different strategy.

Here’s How You Can Change Your Marketing Story

You need to move away from your old marketing story. Once you do that, everything changes. Not only will your clients respond to you, but they will also talk about you to their friends and colleagues. Because your story is more remarkable, your high-quality activity will increase significantly and consistently.

Developing a better and more productive modern marketing story requires a process that shows you understand your client base and their predominant worldview. This worldview is a distrust of Advisors and the Financial Services Industry (See Darth Vader Post). So any form of puffery or trying to “sell” them anything will figuratively slam their doors in your face.

Think about it. If you don’t have a schedule that’s consistently filled with excellent personal introductions and first appointments that are warm and personally introduced to you by your high-quality best clients, then your story probably sucks. 

But with Client Centric Marketing, you can turn that situation around and create a winning marketing story that will have your clients spreading the word about you. 

You can create a marketing story that promotes your Financial Advisor practice!

Learn to quickly master this innovative strategy for new, high-quality client development!

YOUR GAME CHANGER – Immediately Create Productive Centers of Influence

Transforming your best clients into productive centers of influence has always been the obvious path to quickly, efficiently, and sustainably grow your business… but has it ever been a reality?

A simple “5 minute call,” comfortable for you and your best clients, will give you permission to discuss warm, personally endorsed introductions to their quality friends and colleagues… on a follow up call with them several days later.

These high quality, personal introductions are not referrals.  

At their core, they are an endorsement where your client explicitly recommends you and your value, authenticity, and character. 

They will eliminate or significantly reduce the cost and time you spend prospecting for quality clients.

You have good relationships with your best clients. These relationships will quickly set the stage for reliable, significant growth on an ongoing basis. 

Learn more about Client Centric Marketing (CCM) and discover: 

  • How the “5 minute call” with your best clients immediately provides you with permission to discuss warm, personally endorsed introductions to their quality friends and colleagues.
  • That CCM provides a complimentary coaching component because many advisors are skeptical of new client acquisition and marketing strategies. We coach you through several “5 minute test calls.” These calls, with 2-3 of your quality, best clients, will provide a proof of concept.