About Matthew G. Bellis

“It was when I learned there was one voice that speaks louder and more effectively than any prospecting programs, lead programs, or marketing strategies that my business took off.  It’s was simply the voice of my best clients, the clients I wanted to replicate.”
Matthew Bellis

For over 20 years, Matthew Bellis’ expertise was discovering and investing in, along with client/investors, small, profitable, successful businesses that had simple unrecognized or undeveloped opportunities for significant and consistent growth… beyond their norm.

Key to his success was discovering how to frame conversations with his best clients. It enabled him to receive permission from them to discuss personal introductions to their quality relationships. Personal introductions were far more productive than referrals.

This conversation was an easy phone conversation, comfortable for Matt and his quality clients. Most clients agreed as did the new quality clients that came onboard. Immediately business growth gained momentum, then took off.

This Permission Based, Quality Client Acquisition approach was responsible for Matt’s very successful 20 year business career and early retirement.

Currently, Matt is a business growth consultant, mentor, and coach. He freely shares his story and expertise with experienced Financial Advisors.

His focus is rapid and consistent increases to an Advisor’s book of quality clients.

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