A Great Marketing Story – It’s About Them, Not You

Most people don’t fully trust the Financial Industry or Financial Advisors. (See our “People Don’t Trust You”  post)  This is their Worldview, a bias that focuses on bad experiences, bad news. It makes it extremely difficult for Financial Advisors to get quality prospects and clients to listen and open up.  And yet, most Financial Advisors have received little training to recognize and effectively address this bias.

Successfully addressing this Worldview begins when you craft a Remarkable Marketing Story.  A Remarkable Marketing Story is very different from a garden variety Marketing Story. It is told in a way that focuses on and addresses what’s important to your prospects and your clients – not you. It effectively addresses biases and puts you in sync with your quality best clients and quality prospects.A Great Marketing Story – It’s About Them, Not You

It’s not about your numbers, facts and figures. And it’s not telling them what you think they want to hear. That will just shut them down, they won’t listen.                   

When it’s right you are a standout. When it isn’t, you’re invisible.