Financial Advisors need expertise in two completely different disciplines to maximize productivity and growth

The product or service being provided and the marketing of the product or service.

Financial Advisors need expertise in two completely different disciplines Here’s how one Advisor I worked with explained it:

“He made the comparisons to our family farm. (My husband and I have a successful farming business) and the fact that there were two separate aspects of that business as well.

There was the actual farming of the crops and, of course, there was the marketing of the grain and other business decisions that were vital to our success.

Farming and Marketing… two separate skills and both had to be learned.

I can tell you that there were plenty of excellent farmers that could raise an unbelievable crop, but they weren’t marketers, and they certainly were not good businessmen.  Consequently, they are no longer in business.

Similarly, it wasn’t enough just to be able to put together a good financial plan for a client and have the knowledge and expertise to help them implement the plan. What did that matter if I didn’t have anyone to see?  I needed a simple, comfortable and effective marketing system. That is what working with Matt was all about.”


Client Centric Marketing
Permission Based, Quality Client acquisition


The Simple Business Plan For 2024 And Beyond:

Focus on building a large book filled with predominantly quality clients

 Focus on building a large book filled with predominantly quality clients

If you are an Experienced Financial Advisor, you can quickly learn to comfortably grow your revenue and your income on an ongoing basis by transforming your Quality Clients, the clients you’d love to replicate, into incredibly productive Centers of Influence… within weeks.


It’s easy!

With a simple phone call, you can immediately determine who of your quality clients will give you “permission” to discuss personal introductions and warm referrals to their high-quality relationships.


Nearly every client will agree!


Industry research focusing on Centers of Influence reveals that quality clients who provide personal introductions and warm referrals to their high-quality relationships are by far the most productive centers of influence…

Far more productive than Accountants, Lawyers, Estate Planners, Human Resources, etc.


It also indicates that accessing your best clients’ quality relationships is the most practical and effective way to grow your revenue, profits, and the value of your business.


Experienced Advisors have business that is profitable and successful and though it may seem counterintuitive, it is poised to take off… by harvesting your dormant assets.

It only takes a few minutes to identify these assets. Harvesting them is quickly learned and implemented in a few days, producing measurable results within weeks with no interruption to your daily routine.

Dormant assets are warm, personally introduced meetings and appointments with the quality relationships of an Advisor’s “Current and Future” best clients… the clients Advisors dream of replicating.

Dormant Assets are not only low hanging fruit ready for harvesting, but they are also perennials. They regenerate!

All that’s required is a carefully framed, comfortable conversation… comfortable for your best clients, the clients you would love to replicate, and comfortable for you.

It is the easy and effective way for you to have a consistent pipeline of warm, high quality prospect meetings.

Increasing warm, quality prospect meetings routinely maintains significant growth and rate of growth in your productivity & revenue, your book of quality clients, and the valuation of your business – your prized asset.


Matthew G Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition


A Modern Story simplifies quality client acquisition and grows a book filled with quality clients. 

We’ve talked with countless Financial Advisors and, for the most part, their traditional stories are basically the same.

These traditional stories focus on how their firm is different, where they went to school, the degrees they’ve earned, their expertise, their charitable work, their family, etc.

If your best clients aren’t regularly warmly referring or personally introducing you to their quality relationships, it’s probably because your traditional story isn’t being talked about.

Traditional stories are not remarkable, so consistent quality client acquisition is difficult, as is growing a large book of quality clients.

A Modern Story “IS” remarkable because it is subtly framed to address the predominant worldview of the market… the well-documented distrust of Advisors and the Financial Industry.  (This worldview is a huge obstacle to accessing the network of your best clients’ quality relationships.)

The reason the framing must be subtle is because any form of hype, puffery, or selling will generally shut the door of opportunity.

When you convey this worldview the right way, not only will your best clients respond to you,  they will also talk about you and personally introduce or refer you to their network of quality relationships…  consistently.

So, to rapidly and consistently increase your quality client acquisition and your book of quality clients, test a Modern Story. It’s easy.

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Matthew G. Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition

Permission, Trust, and Growth

GET PERMISSION: It’s the simple and easy way to consistently increase your business growth.

Your best clients will give you permission to discuss personal introductions.

These clients have made you their Financial Advisor – they have taken a leap of faith with you. You feel privileged and grateful because you have earned their trust. It’s important to you. You preserve it and take great care of it.

When you have your best clients’ trust they will give you permission to discuss warm referrals or personal introductions to their quality relationships, their most important asset. Different from referrals, receiving permission removes the fear of asking.

It also removes discomfort for your clients and you and it is the key to personal introductions and warm referrals.

Matthew G Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition