We’ve talked with countless Financial Advisors and, for the most part, their traditional stories are basically the same.

These traditional stories focus on how their firm is different, where they went to school, the degrees they’ve earned, their expertise, their charitable work, their family, etc.

Traditional stories are not remarkable and are less likely to be shared.

If you wonder why your  best clients aren’t regularly introducing  you to their quality relationships, it’s probably because your story is not being talking about.

And if you’re not personally introduced or referred to your best clients’ quality relationships, consistent quality client acquisition is difficult.

A Modern Story “IS” remarkable because it is subtly framed to address the predominant worldview of the market… the well- documented distrust of Advisors and the Financial Industry.  (This worldview is the silent, major obstacle to networking through your best clients quality relationships).

The framing is subtle because any form of puffery, hype, or selling will generally close the door of opportunity.

When you convey this worldview the right way, not only will your best clients respond to you, but they will also talk about you and personally introduce or refer you to their relationships … consistently.

So, if you don’t have a consistent schedule of quality prospect meetings and first appointments that are warm and personally introduced to you by your quality clients, perhaps rethink your story.

Matthew G. Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition

Significantly increase your retirement savings, the value of your business & your net worth

Almost every one of your quality clients will give you permission to discuss personal introductions to their quality relationships.

Permission Based, Quality Client Acquisition is the easy way to substantially:

  • Tap into your current and future quality clients’ network of quality relationships
  • Increase the size of your book of quality clients (no more 80/20 rule)
  • Increase productivity, revenue, and business growth…

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The easy way to increase business growth

PERMISSION: It’s the easy way to increasing your business growth

Your best clients will give you permission to discuss personal introductions.

These clients have made you their Financial Advisor – they have taken a leap of faith with you. You feel privileged and grateful because you have earned their trust. It’s import to you. You preserve it and take great care of it.

When you have your best clients’ trust they will give you permission discuss personal introductions to their quality relationships, their most important asset. Different from referrals, open permission removes the fear of asking.

It also removes discomfort for your clients and you and the key to warm personal introductions and endorsement.

It’s the reward for earning their trust.