Create Remarkably Productive Centers Of Influence

A comfortable “Permission Based,” approach to a simple warm introduction discussion is the easy way to quickly transform your best clients into productive centers of influence and sustainably grow your book of quality clients and your business.

What you expect from a permission based, quality client acquisition strategy:

  • This approach is simple and quickly learned and integrated into your practice and produces measurable, positive results immediately…within days.
  • You will not interrupt your daily routine.
  • You will create quality centers of influence who are your advocates.
  • Your new high-quality warm introductions and first appointments will increase consistently.
  • Your productivity, revenue, and book of quality clients will substantially grow on an ongoing basis.
  • You will be differentiated from the competition.
  • You will do more of the work you love with the people you love to work with – your quality clients and their quality friends and colleagues.
  • You will have less stress!


Matthew G. Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition


Harvesting your dormant assets is the easy and effective way for Financial Advisors to create and routinely maintain dramatic increases in productivity, revenue, and growth of their book of quality clients. It can be quickly learned and implemented without interrupting their daily routine.

What are Dormant Assets?
They are warm, personally introduced or referred meetings and appointments with the quality relationships of an Advisor’s “Current and Future” best clients… the very clients Advisors dream of replicating.

Dormant Assets are not only low hanging fruit ready for harvesting, they are perennials. They regenerate!

Harvesting begins once you learn how to frame a simple discussion with your best clients.

Your only cost is a little time.

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Matthew G Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition


A Modern Story simplifies quality client acquisition and grows a book filled with quality clients. 

We’ve talked with countless Financial Advisors and, for the most part, their traditional stories are basically the same.

These traditional stories focus on how their firm is different, where they went to school, the degrees they’ve earned, their expertise, their charitable work, their family, etc.

If your best clients aren’t regularly warmly referring or personally introducing you to their quality relationships, it’s probably because your traditional story isn’t being talked about.

Traditional stories are not remarkable, so consistent quality client acquisition is difficult, as is growing a large book of quality clients.

A Modern Story “IS” remarkable because it is subtly framed to address the predominant worldview of the market… the well-documented distrust of Advisors and the Financial Industry.  (This worldview is a huge obstacle to accessing the network of your best clients’ quality relationships.)

The reason the framing must be subtle is because any form of hype, puffery, or selling will generally shut the door of opportunity.

When you convey this worldview the right way, not only will your best clients respond to you,  they will also talk about you and personally introduce or refer you to their network of quality relationships…  consistently.

So, to rapidly and consistently increase your quality client acquisition and your book of quality clients, test a Modern Story. It’s easy.

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Matthew G. Bellis
Simple, Permission Based Quality Client Acquisition