Here is what some Primerica “Performance System” and “Warm Introduction Concept” users have to say:

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the things you have done for us. When we first met our full-timers and part-timers had no referrals in their bank. Now all of our teammates that you spend time with have between 50 and 100 warm referrals and what that did for us was help us raise everybody’s belief level. ”
K. O. New Jersey

“I want to take a moment and share my gratitude for the valuable input you have given me and my Primerica team. Your warm referral system has made a dramatic impact on our business by providing us a simple duplicable means of having an abundance supply of FNA Appointments. ”
B. S. Texas

“I would like to first of all thank you for the opportunity to work with you and the “concept”. I’ve been in Primerica for little over 5 years. The experience that I am having using the warm referral concept is unbelievable. ”
C. L. New York

“Well it’s been nine months that we’ve been working together with the Performance System. I wanted to send you a note thanking you for helping me put a very focused pattern and a delectable system that has given me results much higher than I expected. I feel working with you over that past nine months has given me a sense of confidence in my business model that will allow me to build a big hierarchy. ”
D. B. Kansas

“Just a note to say thank you for hanging in there with me. I believe in the Performance System. I will always promote it.”
J. H. Colorado

“The Matt Bellis Warm Introduction System is really simple and easy to teach. My people are all really excited and our activity is moving up.”
R.M. Tennessee

“This is the most transferable, duplicable system I have been associated with in my 16 years of business. It’s very simple to do whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the business. Anyone can learn it. It teaches you how easy it is to always be in front of somebody and if you’re always in front of somebody, you’re always winning.”
B. C. Maryland

“The Matt Bellis Warm Introduction System is a tremendous field training and recruiting tool. His system is simple, easy to teach and learn. And what’s more, it’s duplicable. Our people are really excited around here. Our organization is really buzzing.”
E. R. Alabama

“After just 30 days of using it we saw instant results. It breeds an enormous amount of confidence in agents. They can make money and have control over their destiny. For the first time they can feel good about recruiting because they can teach a system where even part-time people can make a bunch of money.”
D. B. from Pennsylvania

“The Matt Bellis Warm Introduction System is an activity system that is easy to learn, and easy to duplicate. Scheduling appointments is so much easier when both husband and wife are expecting your call. They know why you are calling, and the time you spend on the phone the first step in building a trust relationship. The Matt Bellis system is all about expanding your market, growing your business, and making money.”
J.J. Kentucky

“The system is unbelievable. It’s helped our team, it’s very duplicable, it’s increased the cash flow of all the people doing it…it has changed our business. It’s one of the greatest things we’ve ever been able to do.”
G. R. Florida