First, Ten

(edited from Seth Godin*, creator of Permission Marketing & one of the most read business blogs in the world)

This, in two words, is the secret of the new marketing.

Find 10 people. 10 people who trust you/respect you/need you/listen to you…

Those 10 people need your service or what you have to sell, or want it.

And if they love it, you win.

If they love it, they’ll each find you 10 more people (or 100 or 1000 or, perhaps, just three). Repeat.

Your ideas spreads. Your business grows, faster than you could ever imagine.

This approach changes the posture and timing of everything you do.

You can no longer market to the anonymous masses.

You can only market to people who are willing participants. Like this group of 10.

Three years from now, this advice will be so common as to be boring.

(* Hall of Fame Marketer, 19 best seller books)