The Bad News. Your Marketing Story Sucks!

Wondering why your best clients are not introducing you to their qualified best friends? Wondering why you have so few brand new warm qualified first appointments? It’s probably because your marketing story is not worth talking about. It’s not remarkable. Being remarkable means two things. One, it means it’s cool, neat. Two, it means it’s worth making a remark about. If you make stuff that’s worth making a remark about your 99% of the way there.

However, we’ve talked with countless Financial Advisors and for the most part, their stories are the basically the same. They mention how their firm is different, where they went to school, the degrees they’ve earned, how great their numbers are, their charitable work, their families. There is nothing about their story that clients and prospects feel is remarkable.

When you have a good marketing story, not only will your clients respond to you, they will also talk about you to their friends. We have found that as soon as an Advisor moves away from their old marketing story to a new client centric story, everything changes. They’re qualified activity goes way up.

Developing an effective story is a detailed process that shows you understand your market and their predominant worldview… distrust of Advisors and the Industry. (See Darth Vader Post) So, any form of puffery or selling razzle-dazzle will literally or figuratively slam the door.

In life, authenticity is what makes us remarkable.  It opens people up to receive us. An effective marketing story is no different. It reveals our true authenticity. If your story is not authentic (and you don’t live your story every day), your clients and prospects will not be fooled. Done well, it’s what will make your clients dedicated advocates, trumpeters who want to tell the world about you. In their eyes you will be remarkable.

So, think about it.  Do you have a lot of warm prospect meetings and qualified first appointments introduced to you by your best clients?  If you don’t your story probably sucks.

Financial Advisors need an authentic story....

If that’s the case  –  Get Help!