The 5 Initial Steps To Consistent Quality Activity

Think for a moment about the steps an individual takes when he or she is ready to approach their financial situation… how do they go about it?

They begin with research, talking to valued friends and family about experiences and recommendations.

Then they engage with an Advisor or two to discuss their needs, hopes, and dreams. Finally, they look at the Advisor’s plan.

If it doesn’t feel right, they start the process over again. It happens everyday.

It’s the same for Advisors and business. Consider these simple steps as you focus on identifying your important goals and develop a solid plan to get there:

Ask yourself the same types of questions you typically ask your clients, just those related to your business.

A good place to begin is “what would the business of my dreams look like”?

Wouldn’t your dream business consistently develop, almost exclusively, new qualified activity and increase business growth?

Wouldn’t it focus on your existing best clients, the ones you’d like to duplicate, who would consistently, personally and warmly introduce you to their qualified friends and colleagues?

Wouldn’t it decrease or eliminate the need to prospect and cold call?

Look for an business consultant who will help you develop a your plan for success and who will keep you focused on achieving these results. One who will help you identify your specific issues and help develop a strategy for you that will address them.

Keep in mind that one size does not fit all.

Be sure to look outside your everyday financial bubble, i.e., look beyond the usual suspects, keeping in mind simplicity, effectiveness, and cost.

Don’t settle for broad sweeping programs. Keep a laser focus on your most important issue: consistently duplicating your existing best clients.

Remember to ask the question, “Will I achieve positive, measurable results within a set time frame – say 60 days or 75 days”?

If you don’t get the clear, straightforward answer you need, keep looking. Don’t settle.

But if you do get the answer you’re looking for, make sure you can give the approach a “test drive” before committing your time and dollars.

If after the test drive you don’t achieve positive measurable results, repeat steps 1-4.

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