7 Thoughts on Tribes and Worldview For Financial Advisors

    1. People don’t trust Financial Advisors. The problem is not specifically you. The problem is that you’re a Financial Advisor and most consumers have a distrust of the industry. It is an established worldview (See Post) and it’s not something you can change, no matter how many facts and figures you present to clients and prospects.
    2. A Tribe is a group of people connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. It can be known by ten people or twenty or thousands or millions. It can be people in your community or people around the world. And most often, it can be the people you work for or with , or those who work for you. It can be the people in your community who share a bias about Financial Advisors and the Financial Industry.
    3. You get to choose the Tribe you will lead. Through your actions as a leader you attract a Tribe that wants to follow you. That Tribe has a worldview that matches the message you are sending. What’s the message Financial Advisors can send to the large group of people who distrust Advisors and the Financial Industry?

Tribes We Need You to Lead Us Seth Godin

  1. Good marketers lead people, bringing new messages to people who want to hear them. Someone’s worldview, how they feel about risk or other factors, is beyond your ability to change in the short run. Provide a service or product, people are interested in. If you can’t leverage the worldview they already have, you are essentially invisible.
  2. Good leaders don’t try to please everyone. Instead they realize that a motivated, connected Tribe is powerful.
  3. Those who take the opportunity to lead do it because of what they can do for the Tribe, not for what the Tribe can do for them.
  4. What marketers and people who care are discovering is that they can ignite a local community movement and then be propelled by the people who choose to follow it. Of course this applies to Financial Advisors too.

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