You’re a good Financial Advisor, perhaps a great one. You know your business, you perform for your clients, you appreciate your clients and your clients appreciate you.

Generally speaking, most of your revenue is generated from work with a small percentage of your clients – the 20%ers. It’s the 80/20 rule.

You understand that there are two kinds of business growth.
There’s internal growth, consisting of growth in the markets and new business growth with existing clients.
And there’s external growth, cultivating new business with new clients.
You know you’ve had internal growth but not enough external growth.

You would like all of your external growth to be with clients who mirror your 20%ers and you would like lots of it. But this is not happening and your numbers tell the story. You are not developing new 20%ers as consistently as you would like.

Financial Advisors need to Think like an Entrepreneur ... Hire a Financial Marketing CoachYou’re frustrated. You have a business system that over the years has worked well for you and your clients. But you don’t have an effective marketing approach – a marketing approach that puts you in front of many 20%ers. You’ve tried some marketing ideas and systems but nothing seems to really work. Some ideas work for a short period of time but then fizzle out. With everything you’ve tried, you still haven’t found a practical marketing approach that works for you, one that is integrated into your day-to-day practice.

Does some or all of this sound like you?

We suggest that you begin thinking like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs look everywhere and talk to everyone. They never give up. They solve problems.

Entrepreneurs understand that if there is no solution inside the bubble, they go outside the bubble. They have a mentor or an adviser.

Think about it.