5 Simple Steps That Will Bake In Consistent Quality Activity for All Financial Advisors

5 Simple Steps That Will Bake In Consistent Quality Activity and Generate Awesome Growth – for All Financial Advisors

5 Simple Steps That Will Bake In Consistent Quality Activity for All Financial Advisors

I’m not being smug but when a person is ready to approach their financial situation, how do they go about it? It’s easy. They do some research. They engage with an Advisor, discuss their needs, hopes and dreams, then look at the Advisor’s plan. If it doesn’t feel right, they start the process over again. It happens everyday.

The same simple steps apply to Financial Advisors:

  1. Ask yourself the same types of questions you ask your clients. However, these questions should be related to your business –

    what would the business of your dreams look like?

    wouldn’t it consistently develop new warm qualified activity and increase business growth?

    wouldn’t it focus on your existing best clients, the ones you’d like to duplicate, who would consistently and warmly introduce you to their qualified friends and colleagues?

  2. Look for the specific marketing approach that can achieve these results. Be sure to look outside your everyday bubble, i.e., look beyond the usual suspects.
  3. Don’t settle for broad sweeping programs. Keep a laser focus on your most important issue: consistently duplicating your existing best clients.
  4. Remember to ask the question “Will I achieve positive results within 60 days. Results I can measure”? If you don’t get a clear, straightforward answer, keep looking. If you get the answer you’re looking for, give the approach a “test drive” for 60 days.
  5. If after 60 days you don’t achieve positive measurable results, repeat steps 1-4.


The Bellis Method™
Simple, Effective & Measurable

Training New Advisors – Reduce the Burn Rate & Increase Productivity … Dramatically!

Training your Financial Advisor Trainers.Your field trainers are really good at teaching trainees the financial side of being a Financial Advisor. Your fresh, new, impressionable trainees are taught how to talk, relax, conduct an appointment, do a needs analysis, do discovery, follow-up and present a plan to a prospective client and close. And if the training sticks and the new Advisor is strong, after some period of time the cost of training may pay off.

All of this represents a significant financial investment for you. But there’s risk. And there’s usually a big burn rate.

However, there’s a simple way of lowering the risk and significantly reducing your burn rate.

It begins with the understanding that there are two different skills to learn in order to become a successful Financial Advisor: the financial skill and the marketing skill.

The problem is on the marketing side. Your trainees’ most valuable asset is probably being left on the table. It’s their contacts and they’re likely being used up without capturing the priceless marketing and growth opportunity…expanding one new appointment to many new appointments with new, warm, introductions to the contact’s qualified friends, colleagues and family.

You can’t afford to let this slip by.

Financial Advisors experience significant growth when they effectively focus on new, warm qualified introductions. When trainees are taught this – from the beginning – they more quickly and efficiently start building their new businesses. And when this happens, everyone benefits.

Train your trainers how to consistently create new, warm, qualified introductions. Productivity will go up and the burn rate will go down.