Client Centric Marketing

The CCM Summary

Client Centric Marketing is efficient, uncomplicated, and becomes part of your everyday work.

CCM is built on a foundation of:

  • Giving
  • Permission and cooperation
  • Authenticity and trust
  • Reciprocity
    • 1. Worldview and The Darth Vader Complex

Worldview is the bias that individuals bring to every situation. For the Financial Industry, approximately 90% of the market, including your best clients and qualified prospects, share the “not to be trusted” worldview of the industry – that Advisors are takers, they’re out for themselves. We call this the Darth Vader Complex. It may be hard to hear but it’s actually a good thing – because now you know that not addressing the Darth Vader Complex limits your growth.  The change occurs when you develop your Great Marketing Story.

    • 2. Develop A Great Marketing Story
  • A Great Marketing Story is the cornerstone of CCM
  • It is skillfully crafted and is wholly different from what most Advisors have been doing their entire career.
  • It differentiates us from other Advisors in our market
  • It isn’t about your facts and figures and accomplishments – they don’t work to build trust or interest
  • It’s about the speaker subtly addressing their worldview of the listener
  • Clients and prospects immediately see and feel the difference
  • It makes your audience feel good – and it makes you feel good
    • 3. Developing the Dormant Assets You Already Have… The Game Changer

Advisors, no matter their annual revenue, have Dormant Assets and they dwarf the assets Advisors have in hand.

Advisors identify and develop their Dormant Assets by leveraging their relationships with their best clients into personally endorsed, new, warm introductions and first appointments with the high quality friends and colleagues of their current and future best clients… the very clients Advisors dream of duplicating.

It begins by having a compelling Modern Marketing Story to tell.
(see post – The Bad News. Your Marketing Story May Suck!)

  • 4. Marketing The Retirement Resource Center

The Retirement Resource Center (Advisors can choose a name that is more specific to their own practice)  frames and brands the way you currently conduct your business. It is not a bricks and mortar place.

  • It’s the complimentary financial education and financial advocacy that  Advisors have always offered to warm, qualified prospects and qualified clients
  • The RRC directly counters the market’s widely held belief: that when it comes to Advisors “it’s all about them”
  • The RRC essentially takes the “you” out of the equation
  • It gives clients and prospects what they want. It’s what you’ve always provided
  • Your clients and prospects see you shifting your attention to them

The Five Minute Open is a simple call, of less than five minutes , to a “quality best client“. It is specifically crafted to identify which of your best clients, the clients you want to duplicate, are willing to give you permission to meet with them to discuss their Advocacy, personally introducing their quality friends and colleagues to the RRC and you. We call this meeting The One Hour Close.

  • 6. The One Hour Close

The One Hour Close is an in-person meeting with a best client where an Advisor has the client’s permission to share their RRC Marketing Story and discuss warm, personal introductions and the details of The RRC.

Many Advisors begin to meet and conduct first appointments with the qualified friends and colleagues of their client advocates within several weeks of the personal introduction.”