About Matthew Bellis

Matt has been a successful businessman/entrepreneur for well over 30 years. His expertise in problem-solving and small business development has been key to the development and growth of numerous small businesses throughout his career.

As a dedicated business consultant in the Financial services industry for over 10 years, he’s developed a simple and effective process for Financial Advisors and Leaders to increase productivity, revenue, and growth well beyond their norm…with little disruption to their daily routine.

Matt says: 

“Advisors and Leaders have always been taught and trained how to be a good Advisor or a good Leader but haven’t been trained how to maximize productivity, revenue, and growth …to be good business people.”

As such, Matt has 2 rules for Business Growth:

#1: Determine the common qualities and characteristics of the top 20% (20%er’s) of your client book and their average dollar value to your business.

#2: To consistently increase or maximize productivity and revenue, Advisors must consistently complete new “warm” 1st appointments with prospects who generally duplicate their 20%er clients.

As a mentor to Financial Advisors, Matt teaches a simple and uncomplicated way to quickly and effectively market to their current and future best clients.  This results in a steady schedule of personally introduced and endorsed new warm 1st appointments on an ongoing basis with the high quality friends and colleagues of these best clients.