A Powerful Message for Financial Advisors


Are you hearing much discussion about “worldview” in your financial circles?

I’m asking because effectively addressing the “worldview” of your market is a qualified activity and business growth multiplier for all Advisors, no matter their income.

Our research continues to find the following: your market, no matter which segment interviewed, has a rather unflattering worldview of Financial Advisors and the industry, e.g., “in it for themselves” and “just want to get their hands on my money” and “used car salesman”. (Post December 9, 2015)  This worldview can be a conscious or subconscious feeling and is a major impediment to growth.

This worldview also applies to your clients. It’s why most Advisors, no matter their income, have conducted so few first appointments with the qualified friends and colleagues of the clients they’d most like to duplicate.

In order to move beyond this hurdle, understand that this worldview is the lens clients and prospects use to determine whether or not they are going to believe your marketing story.

If you effectively address this worldview (Post November 24, 2015), here’s what can happen within 30-60 days:

  • This worldview shapes your new marketing story
  • This story is not about what you do but about who you are
  • Your story focuses on your clients, not you
  • You begin to tell your story to your current qualified clients
  • Your clients will immediately see you in a different light
  • They will open up to you – a new type of connection
  • This new connection opens the door real client advocacy and consistent introductions to your clients’ qualified friends and colleagues
  • Your clients’ qualified friends will be more willing to meet with you and they, too, will see you differently too.
  • Many of them will become advocates as well
The Bellis Method™
 "Building Your Business From The Inside Out With Consistent New Warm Qualified Introductions"