Access all of your best clients’ available assets. IT’S HUGE!

Would you transform your best clients into client advocates and move to a “new client advocate development” business:

If you could consistently complete 1-4 or more new, warm qualified 1st appointments every month?

If it was simple to learn and execute?

It’s a rhetorical question but think about it for just a minute.

With this focus, an experienced Advisor, one who has developed good relationships with the top 20-30% of their client book, can permanently improve the trajectory of their business quickly, in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.


Worldview and Overcoming The Darth Vader Complex

It creates an incredible opportunity for Financial Advisors

Worldview is a belief or bias that an individual brings to a particular situation.

Approximately 90% of the Financial Services market, including your clients and prospects, share the “not trusted” worldview of the Industry – that Advisors are out for themselves, they’re takers.

We call it  “The Darth Vader Complex”. This includes your clients and your prospects.

Though your business may be growing, “The Darth Vader Complex” limits your growth.

Great opportunity lies in effectively addressing this worldview.

When learned and practiced it becomes the unmatched marker that differentiates advisors.

However, using facts and figures won’t work.
You’ll be invisible.
We should know this by now.

A Great Marketing Story works. (read post 12/28)
When it’s right, you are a standout.

Simple and Effective