What is the simple and effective strategy for Financial Advisors to increase and optimize their productivity and income while maintaining control of their time and their business?

Consistent warm qualified 1st appointments*

*A warm qualified 1st appointment is an appointment with a qualified friend, colleague or family member of clients the Advisor wishes to duplicate. In addition, the Advisor is warmly introduced (not referred) and endorsed by the client.

The Bellis Method tm & The Warm Introduction Approach™
Work smarter not harder.


Are you hearing much discussion about “worldview” in your financial circles?

I’m asking because effectively addressing the “worldview” of your market is a qualified activity and business growth multiplier for all Advisors, no matter their income.

It’s a money saver as well, because it will eliminate most spending on advertising, prospecting, seminars, etc.

Here’s what we know:

We’ve interviewed the market, the various demographics and segments, over the years and found that people have a rather unflattering “worldview” of Financial Advisors and the industry, e.g., “in it for themselves” and “just want to get their hands on my money” and “used car salesman”. (Post December 9, 2015)

This “worldview” can be a conscious or subconscious feeling and is a major impediment to growth.

This “worldview” also applies to your clients too. It’s why many Advisors, no matter their income, have conducted so few first appointments with the qualified friends and colleagues of the clients they’d like to duplicate.

Our 60 Day Challenge

If you effectively address this “worldview” (Post November 24, 2015) in a subtle and carefully crafted story, here’s what will happen within 30-60 days.

  • This “worldview” will shape your new marketing story. This story is not about what you do. It’s about who you are. Your story focuses on your clients, not you
  • You will begin to tell your story to your current qualified clients, the clients you want to duplicate
  • Most, if not all, clients will immediately see you in a different light
  • They will open up to you – creating new type of connection and cooperation
  • This new connection will open the door real client advocacy and consistent introductions to your client’s qualified friends and colleagues
  • Your client’s qualified friends will be more willing to meet with you and they, too, will see you differently
  • This new connection will open the door real client advocacy and consistent introductions to your client’s qualified friends and colleagues
  • Many of them will become advocates as well
  • And the process repeats itself again and again

You will absolutely experience measurable results in warm qualified activity within 60 days. And you will begin to add new warm qualified introductions and 1st appointments into your pipeline. You will feel very good about process. You won’t want to stop.

If the numbers aren’t there and you don’t feel good… STOP.

It’s good business.
Low risk – high reward.

The Bellis Method™
The 60 Day Path To Continuous Growth.


Client Advocates are the dream of every Financial Advisor… female or male, high income or moderate, large client book or moderate.

Social Capital is a key to developing Client Advocates and consistent growth. It’s an asset Advisors already possess… but it’s dormant. It must be activated.

The best way to understand social capital is by thinking about your relationships with your clients.

Your clients trust you with their financial assets. However, do they trust you enough to bring you into their circle by warmly introducing the you to their friends, colleagues and family, people who are just like them?

That’s Social Capital. It leverages your relationships with your best clients into a relationships with many new qualified prospects and clients. And your business soars.

Social Capital is the outcome of the strong relationships you already have with most of your best clients.

And it’s where, with your client’s permission, you can ask them to make introductions to their qualified friends, colleagues and family. Most clients will agree, because they want to!

Social Capital introductions bear no resemblance to standard referrals. These qualified introductions are given because you’ve established a unique connection.

So, how do you activate your Social Capital? 

It’s driven by having a compelling marketing story (see post – The Bad News. Your Marketing Story Sucks!) that subtly addresses your clients’ worldview of Financial Advisors and the Financial Industry that they are Darth Vader’s working for the Evil Empire.  (see Darth Vader post)

A compelling marketing story is what differentiates you and makes you remarkable.  

It’s what will move many of  your qualified clients to become client advocates who will share your story with their qualified circle – sharing with them who you are, not telling them what you do. 

And you will create a consistent stream of warm qualified introductions and consistent growth month after month, year after year.

The Bellis Method™
We develop Social Capital and Client Advocates.

The Key Benefit Of A Great Marketing Story – Dramatic Growth!

When it’s right,  you are a standout. When it isn’t,  you’re invisible.

To create a great marketing story you must first understand that most people don’t fully trust the Financial Industry or Financial Advisors. (See our “People Don’t Trust You” post)

This is their worldview, their bias that focuses on bad experiences and bad news. This is what makes it extremely difficult for Financial Advisors to get prospects and clients to listen and open up.

Most Advisors fail to effectively address this bias. As a result, they fail to make solid, meaningful connections with their prospects and clients.

Successfully addressing this worldview begins when you craft and tell your marketing story. 

A marketing story is very different from garden variety storytelling. It is told in an “other focused” way, a way that addresses what’s important to your prospects and your clients – not to you. 

It’s not about your numbers, facts and figures. And it’s not telling them what you think they want to hear. That will just shut them down, they won’t listen. 

The most important difference between a marketing story and simple storytelling is that a great marketing story is not designed to win business. 

Instead, it’s intended to convey who you are, not just what you do. Not just some of the time, all the time. It effectively addresses biases and puts you in sync with your clients – and  creates real opportunities for growth.

Creating and sharing a great marketing story is the foundation for meaningful business growth. It’s absolutely imperative that you get it right. 

The Bellis Method™
We develop great marketing stories.