We know – unequivocally – that smart Financial Advisors think and act like entrepreneurs.

We know – unequivocally – that smart Financial Advisors think and act like entrepreneurs.

Many Advisors are entrepreneurs who take control of their businesses rather than allowing their businesses to control them. When something isn’t working, they look around. They look everywhere and talk to everyone. They never give up until the problem is solved. They don’t let frustration or skepticism hold them back. They refuse to be stuck. Their vista is wide open.

And while the specter of rethinking strategy may feel a little uncomfortable to the entrepreneurial Advisor, they never miss an opportunity to check out new ideas. But they don’t just jump in. They do research, ask questions and assess. If there’s a spark, they take the idea out for a test run – measure results. Only then do they consider change or investing time or resources. That’s what makes them smart and successful. Anything short of that would be limiting.

Still, so many Financial Advisors don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs. They are frustrated with sluggish growth but uncertain about the unfamiliar. Concerned about making a shift from doing business they way they always have but feeling stuck. And there are those who are skeptical, having tried several marketing ideas and systems but never finding anything that works or fits. The end result is that many simply settle for the status quo. Unwilling to look around for ways to enliven their business, denying themselves that broad view of their world.

If this sounds familiar, here’s your wake up call: Like it or not, you ARE an entrepreneur. Whether you are an independent or captive, low income or high, you’re responsible for your own growth. It’s your business.If you are enrolled in the search for business growth...

So, be smart. Be an entrepreneur. Grow the way you want to grow. Look around, try things on, open your mind. You’ll be amazed by the endless possibilities.