(*Edited portions from Open Forum – American Express)

Why are warm personal introductions the thing that’s absolutely necessary to business world interaction and the ultimate currency of all business networks? Don’t referrals accomplish the same things?

Well, at its core, a warm personal introduction is an endorsement wherein the one introducing is explicitly vouching for the value, authenticity and character of the person being introduced, and making an implicit statement that there is mutuality in the sense that he or she is worth the time of the person to whom an introduction is being made. That’s a pretty high standard indeed.

Referrals don’t even come close to these introductions.

Apart from capital, warm personal introductions are literally the most important currency in business. They facilitate new client acquisition, get people jobs, initiate partnerships, help people raise funds, and can often make an extraordinary positive difference in people’s lives and the lives of businesses. Treat the whole process with great thoughtfulness and care—it makes a huge difference in your productivity.

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