Financial Advisors tell us they are frustrated.  They say that nothing they try creates a consistent steam of quality introductions and qualified first appointments. They’re looking for an approach that is uncomplicated and efficient.

This is why Advisors come to us. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we do.

An efficient, uncomplicated marketing approach should work quickly and enable Advisors to achieve significant and measurable increases in new warm qualified activity and first appointments in as little as 60 days. 60 Day Rule for Financial Advisors

The first step is focusing on activating and energizing your existing network of warm, potential advocates, rather than spending time on “cold” prospects.

So, who are an Advisor’s potential advocates?  They are your current qualified clients – the clients you want to duplicate.  And you’ll find that they are very open to becoming your biggest champions and will help you identify and connect to warm qualified prospects.

Key to this first step is how you address clients’ overwhelming, predominant “worldview”. [Read Post 11/24]

This worldview refers to the fact that existing and potential clients are generally skeptical of Financial Advisors.  Most Advisor marketing approaches don’t recognize the impact of this worldview or are not effective dealing with it.

We are consultants to Advisors and our approach satisfies the “60 Day Rule”.  We first teach Advisors to effectively address the worldview of the market.  And they achieve measurable results – consistent new, warm, qualified activity within  60 days.

So, try this.  If you’ve consistently been qualified activity challenged and/or have been experiencing sluggish growth, give us a call. Or if after 60 days or so of doing what you are currently doing –  you haven’t created a substantial increase in qualified activity, recognize that your approach isn’t working the way it should, give us a call.

A conversation may be the initial step that helps you move the growth trajectory of your business to a really good place…and it doesn’t cost money. It’s free.