“The 5 Minute Open” – Create Client Advocates Now

Financial Advisors are amazed when they test  “The 5 Minute Open”. It’s a simple five minute phone call to the clients you’d like to duplicate, your qualified clients. On this call, most of your qualified clients will agree to meet with you and discuss becoming advocates who will introduce you to their qualified friends and colleagues.

An Advocate is person who publicly supports or recommends a particular person, cause or policy

This  “call” has a huge impact on business growth because it introduces, in a new and effective way, your business philosophy of “giving freely” – being of service, not sales. Because, when framed correctly,  many of your best clients will see you as differentiated from the crowd. By freely giving your knowledge and your time, you build a construct for growth where clients will want to reciprocate and advocate for you. And you become remarkable.

Freely giving makes your clients feel good about themselves and about you. As marketing guru Seth Godin says, “What people want is the extra, emotional bonus they get when they associate with something or someone who makes them feel good. And when people feel good, they are open because they realize you’re a giver, not a taker.”

Think about it.  The world responds to givers.  Giving shows your clients and prospects something different about you… something that sets your service and you apart from the rest.

Some Advisors initially assume that giving freely means making major changes to the way they conduct business. We hear things like “if I am giving it away for free, prospects will take advantage of my time and I won’t make a living.”  But once they give it a try, they begin to understand that by giving freely, revenue can not only grow, but grow a lot – because of the dramatic increase in warm qualified activity they experience.

“The 5 Minute Open” is an essential tool in transforming your current qualified clients into client advocates and we would like to give it to you for free, to try and see for yourself. And because it’s only a couple of brief paragraphs on a phone call, you don’t even have to memorize it. It’s simple and very effective.

See what kind of response you get from your clients. Our bet is you’ll get incredibly positive results.

Send us an email or call us and we’ll send you the “The 5 Minute Open”.