Relationship Marketing: Create a Human Connection

Sonia Simone writes in her blog “Remarkable Communication” that relationship marketing focuses on nurturing ongoing relationships with customers, instead of strip-mining prospects for one-time purchases.

Relationship Marketing: Create a Human Connection

There have been dozens of riffs on this over the last 15 years or so, with labels including one-to-one marketing, permission marketing, share of customer, and referral & retention marketing. They all boil down to the same idea-create a stronger emotional connection with existing clients and turn them into loyal advocates.

Not only is this more fun, it’s much more profitable. Selling to someone who knows, trusts, and likes you takes a lot fewer resources than selling to strangers.

If you’re a small business, it’s vital. Most small businesses don’t have the capital to burn or the momentum to attract an unlimited number of new prospects. Fortunately, it’s also a lot easier for  small businesses to relate to clients on a human scale.

Forget about looking big. If you’re a one-person shop, you can get tremendous mileage out of turning your human individuality into your remarkable brand.

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