Marketing Assets – The Key to Consistent Warm, Personally Endorsed, Qualified Introductions

Qualified clients, your best clients, the clients you’d love to duplicate. They are the “marketing assets” Advisors already possess… but they’re dormant.

Client Centric Marketing will show you how to create clients who create clients. Simply.

Your clients trust you with their financial assets. However, do they trust you enough to bring you into their circle by warmly introducing and endorsing you, to their friends, colleagues and family, people who are just like them?

You build marketing assets by leveraging your relationships with your best clients into a relationships with many new qualified prospects and clients.

So, how do you activate your Marketing Assets?

By having a “compelling marketing story” (see post – The Bad News. Your Marketing Story Sucks!) that subtly addresses your clients’ worldview of Financial Advisors and the Financial Industry that they are Darth Vader’s working for the Evil Empire. (see Darth Vader post)

A compelling marketing story is what differentiates you and makes you remarkable.

It’s what will move many of your qualified clients to become client advocates who will share your story with their qualified circle – sharing with them who you are, not telling them what you do.

And you will create a consistent stream of warm qualified introductions, qualified 1st appointments and consistent growth month after month, year after year.

Develop Your Marketing Assets into Client Advocates