#1 – Make the concept of “Free” the cornerstone of your marketing story.

Because, when applied properly to your business… free = more efficiency and productivity = more quality clients = more revenue.

“Free” initially scares many Advisors. But, study new marketing theory and “free” is everywhere. It’s counter intuitive.

Don’t resist learning about it because, for the experienced Advisor, for all Advisors, of all incomes, it can have a huge impact. It can be the game changer.

To learn about “free”, we tell Advisors to continue to do business as usual. But, take 10% of your time to do some research. Then, if it makes sense, conduct your own little pilot project.


(Note: We will be holding a FREE Conference Call on “The Concept of Free : The Cornerstone To Amazing Activity and Revenue Growth”. See bottom of page)

Today, there are Financial Advisors who freely share what they know -being of service, not sales. We know this because we’ve trained them.

These Advisors:

  • Practice the concept of free with their best clients, the clients they want to duplicate. These clients warmly introduce the Advisor to their qualified friends and colleagues. And the process repeats.
  • Have a pipeline consistently filled with warm qualified prospects.
  • Become remarkable.
  • Separate themselves from other Advisors.
  • Experience consistent revenue growth.
  • Build a framework for growth where many of their qualified clients will reciprocate and advocate for them.

Making “free” a foundational element of your mission is something to which clients and prospects respond. It sets your service and you apart from the rest.

Revenues will grow consistently.

It will simplify your business.

It will make you much more productive.

You will have way more control.

Don't forget! We will be holding a FREE Conference Call on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 1 pm EST. Topic: The Concept of "Free" the Cornerstone to Amazing Activity and Revenue Growth. To register, email us at and we will send you the conference number and code.