Is Your Business Suffering From This Silent Killer?

It’s out there right now. Hiding where you least expect to find it. It’s the silent business killer. It’s Complacency.

It happens every day to small and big businesses. And it cares only of the cold, hard reality that while you were satisfied somebody else was not.

So don’t wait for your if only. Avoid complacency always. Avoiding complacency is essential to any business’s long-term longevity. Here’s how you avoid it:

Complacency The Silent Business Killer

1. Listen for fresh ideas

Think you know it all? Wrong. Anyone who does will fall to the complacency bug. For in the end if you are too busy patting yourself on the back or resting, you can’t hear the next great idea which may not even come from you.

2. You can always do better

If you ever get to the point where you say it is 100% perfect the way that it is, you’re not looking hard enough. Be proud of what you provide to your clients. But staying out in front is about challenging yourself to find more qualified clients, to provide better service, and to always strive to do better.

3. Look in the rear view mirror

When you’re doing well, it is often difficult to see what’s been going on around you. Evaluate everything. Keep developing your “best practices”. Look at what the competition is doing.

4. Practice reasonable paranoia

Someone is always evaluating and grading you or coming for you. So practice reasonable paranoia.

(Edited from article in Entrepreneur Magazine by Matthew Swyers)
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