Want The Highest Value Introductions a Financial Advisor Can Receive?

If the answer is “yes”, there’s a simple and effective way to achieve this.

Always focus on the solution, not the problem.

When presented with the concept of having regular, warm, qualified, personally introduced and endorsed introductions by one of their best clients – the exact kind of client they would love to duplicate – Advisors get excited.

And it gets better when they learn that with these introductions, almost everyone schedules and completes a first appointment.

Better, again, when they learn that almost all of these first appointments move to a second appointment, where the introduction agrees to be an Advocate and make warm, personally endorsed introductions to several of their qualified friends, colleagues and family… well, they’re seriously over the moon.

But then they tell us that they are unable to envision this for themselves because they say, as a rule, these kinds of introductions just don’t exist.

They are initially blocked by skepticism.

But here’s the fact: these introductions do exist and they are developed with a marketing approach that’s client centric. It’s a simple approach and it’s very effective.

When Advisors learn and apply Client Centric Marketing for Financial Advisors™, they conduct business with a pipeline consistently filled with the highest value warm introductions… and are in control of the spigot.

Introductions are created while they do their every day work – working with their best clients, without increased time commitment.

Their business is more productive & efficient.

Their revenue dramatically increases, as does their business valuation.

But most importantly, their stress is reduced, and they have more freedom because they are able to focus on the part of their business they most enjoy…not selling or chasing referrals.

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