Guess What? People Don’t Trust You

The problem is not specifically you. The problem is that you’re a Financial Advisor and most consumers have a distrust of the industry. It is an established “worldview”, a belief or bias, and it’s not something you can change, no matter how many facts and figures you present to clients and prospects.

Guess What? People Don’t Trust YouYou don’t have to believe me – take it from well-known marketing guru Seth Godin, who says: “Don’t try to change someone’s worldview… Don’t try to use facts to prove your case and to insist that people change their biases. You don’t have enough time and you don’t have enough money. Speaking respectfully to someone’s worldview is the price of entry to get their attention. If your message is framed in a way that conflicts with their worldview, you’re invisible.

You have to figure out how to address this worldview. It begins by understanding the position that people have, and then creating a marketing story that subtly addresses this worldview (if it’s too obvious, it won’t move them – they’ll think you’re telling them what they want to hear in order to sell them).”

Of course, creating this story isn’t easy. For starters many Advisors have been trained to sell and always be closing. Other Advisors are more service oriented but are thinking about “the close.”  You need to lose that muscle memory.

Also, don’t barrage clients and prospects with facts and figures about your performance history. They either won’t care, or they won’t believe you. But a passionate, carefully crafted marketing story that subtlety addresses their worldview will help give them a reason to believe in you.

When you stop selling and start focusing on what they really want and need from you, your most qualified clients and qualified prospects can become “client advocates” and your best and most productive centers of influence.

Then watch your  business grow.