Frustrated Financial Advisor. Is this you?

There is something you should know about.

There is an effective and simple way for a Financial Advisor to move away from a sales model. It’s where your advisory practice is based on “giving freely”. Where your business focuses on creating consistent qualified activity and is built on service, permission, reciprocity, and implementation – not selling.

In fact, Advisors should be mentored and trained how to freely advise, educate and advocate. Also, how to create warm qualified introductions which lead to qualified 1st and 2nd appointments, more introductions and implementation… not sales. This is an extremely effective way to work and grow your business dramatically. It’s far from a typical selling model where closing the sale is the objective and asking for a referral is often an uncomfortable afterthought.

the aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary

Many Advisors are moving to this service based marketing model because, for most, the sales model is a struggle and does not work. In addition growth is sluggish.

"The Bellis Method™" may sound different from anything you've looked at or tried - because it is.

It’s certainly worth checking out.