Financial Advisors, Pull The Plug On Stress

It’s difficult constantly worrying where the next quality new appointments will come from.

High-income Advisors constantly feel this quality new appointment stress and they succeed in spite of it. But, they do want a better way, free from anxiety.
This is also true for Advisors with more moderate incomes.

But you can’t let your ego get in the way. Put it aside for a while… to learn.

The initial step is to create and share a “New Marketing Story”. This is not just any story. (See posts below)

Quality activity will go way up and stress will go way down when Advisors move away from their old marketing story to a new client-centric story.

Keys to reducing stress for Financial Advisors

The 60 Day Rule
Any marketing story worth its salt should feel right and create positive, measurable results within 60 days. If it doesn’t, stop what you’re doing.

Begin by reading these brief blog posts:

Post 12/28/15 – A Great Marketing Story – It’s About Them, Not You

Post 01/19/16 – The Bad News. Your Marketing Story Sucks!

Post 02/08/16 – The Most Important Story You Will Ever Tell…

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