Financial Advisors are frustrated. They want dramatic growth.

The first question many Advisors ask us is this: “Is it really possible to develop a whole new level of clients just by working with my current client base?”   Our answer is a definitive, “Yes, absolutely”.

How many new, qualified clients do you think you can grow from your relationship with one qualified client?  The number is really limitless.  Financial Advisors seek growth in their client base.However, there are nuances you need to learn to effectively work “from the inside out”.  Finding the opportunities that lie within your client book is the first step.  But this is not about simply identifying your best clients.  You’ve probably done that exercise hundreds of times.  And it’s not just the ones with assets.  Because you’re not looking for a sale.  You’re going to develop a different kind of client relationship.  One where you will have a more detailed understanding of your qualified clients’ sphere of influence, e.g., the places they have worked, the social and religious groups with which they are affiliated, the recreational clubs (golf, tennis) to which they belong, the parent relationships they have at their kids’ schools, et al.

This identification, coupled with developing and telling your new carefully crafted, unique marketing story, will provide these clients with the motivation to advocate for you and personally introduce you.

More to come.