Client Centric Marketing

Client Centric Marketing for Financial Advisors

Client Centric Marketing for Financial Advisors is a simple and effective new business development strategy.

It’s a quality activity solution that quickly, efficiently and effectively grows your business. It’s distinctive in that it’s business based and developed outside of the Financial Industry

It can be learned in 30-60 days, producing measurable, positive results.

It clearly differentiates you from the competition.

Practicing CCM creates a growing reservoir of high quality client advocates. These client advocates continue to generate high valued activity, a pipeline of qualified warm introductions and qualified first appointments.

Because you control the pipeline spigot, growth takes place at your own desired pace.

Learning CCM is key to business simplicity, stress reduction, revenue growth and newfound enjoyment of your work.

Because CCM’s approach seamlessly integrates with your practice, you market as you work. So it can be learned and tested while you conduct your everyday business.

What Happens When You Adopt CCM


  • You will be differentiated from the competition
  • You will create quality client advocates
  • Your quality warm introductions and new first appointments will increase dramatically
  • You will market while you work
  • You will be much more productive and efficient as you work
  • Your revenue will increase, as will your business valuation
  • You will do more of the work you love with the people you love to work with – quality clients and their quality friends and colleagues
  • You will be differentiated from the competition
  • You will run your business, it won’t run you
  • You will have more free time
  • You will have less stress