Dormant Assets: The Low Hanging Fruit

Dormant Asset Development is the key to consistent, long lasting growth.

It’s a simple and effective way for Advisors to create and maintain dramatic increases in productivity, revenue, and growth on an ongoing basis… and it can be quickly learned without interrupting their daily routine.

Develop Dormant Assets.

Every Advisor, no matter their annual revenue, has them.  These assets dwarf the assets Advisors have in hand.

What are Dormant Assets?

They are the personally endorsed, new, warm introductions and first appointments with the high quality friends and colleagues of an Advisor’s current and future best clients… the very clients Advisors dream of duplicating.

So, how does an Advisor activate their Dormant Assets?

Advisors identify and develop their Dormant Assets by leveraging their relationships with their best clients.

It begins by having a compelling marketing story (see post – The Bad News. Your Marketing Story May Suck!)

A compelling marketing story differentiates you and makes you remarkable.

Developing Dormant Assets is a simple process that quickly begins to yield great results.

Stop The Insanity

Seriously, this probably sounds absurd, but just think it through. Like most businesses that focus on sales, Financial Advisors require a robust sales pipeline in order to grow. However, if you look around, the numbers show very few Advisors have this pipeline in place.

Why? (and here’s the insane part) Because for years the traditional industry wide sales/marketing/referral model – which has been practiced by a great majority of advisors – in all its incarnations and “new” approaches, has produced mostly modest growth and a small number of new quality clients.

Advisors are the mercy of the markets or are left with some referrals for growth. The business controls them rather than the Advisor controlling their business.

It’s time to stop the insanity!

There are, indeed, more productive approaches business growth… some may be outside the Industry.

Of course, it’s true that many Advisors have good reasons to feel skeptical about the new or the different, having been burned by expensive sales and marketing programs that promised the moon and the stars.

But look at other successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs. They practice  “healthy skepticism” while exploring new ideas, no matter how different they seem.

It’s not risky. The only investment is a little time.

Access all of your best clients’ available assets. IT’S HUGE!

Would you transform your best clients into client advocates and move to a “new client advocate development” business:

If you could consistently complete 1-4 or more new, warm qualified 1st appointments every month?

If it was simple to learn and execute?

It’s a rhetorical question but think about it for just a minute.

With this focus, an experienced Advisor, one who has developed good relationships with the top 20-30% of their client book, can permanently improve the trajectory of their business quickly, in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Tip for the Frustrated Financial Advisor

There is another way to go!

It’s a service based business model. And while it might sound like a dramatic departure from the way you conduct your business, for most Advisors, it’s not.

Financial Advisors New Business Goals

It’s where:

  1. Your practice is based on “giving freely” and creating “client advocates”.
  2. You build business from the inside out and financial education and financial advocacy is your focus.
  3. Consistent qualified warm activity is your goal and it is easily attainable.
  4. Your business is built on a foundation of service, permission, reciprocity, and implementation – not selling.
  5. You are in control of the business.

It’s an extremely effective business model that creates consistent warm qualified activity and grows business dramatically. And it’s far from the typical sales model where closing the sale is the objective and asking for a referral is often an uncomfortable afterthought.

The Bellis Method™
Client advocates and warm qualified activity from the inside, out!