Baby Boomer Clients Are A Financial Advisor’s Ideal Clients

Here’s What We Know:

Over 90% of Financial Advisors report they are new, qualified activity challenged. How could this be? We all assume that almost everyone needs a good Financial Advisor – one they trust and respect. 

So why – with a potential market of about 80 million baby boomers, plus millions of those already retired and many baby boomers in the client book – aren’t Advisors overwhelmed with new activity?

 We’ve Done Market Research, Most Of It Hands-On, In The Form OF Focus Groups

We learned that… 

  • The boomer market is either financially under educated or uneducated. 
  • They are frightened about money and retirement. They need and want help. They want advice and guidance;
  • The Financial Services Industry suffers from a very negative reputation;
  • Many in the boomer market segment have a fixed bias or viewpoint that perceives Advisors as working for “their own self-interest”, akin to a “used car salesman” or seeing the Financial Industry as the “Evil Empire” – Financial Advisors as “Darth Vader’s”. (See Post “The Darth Vader Complex”)
  • While individuals in this market are looking for help, they complain about what they’ve encountered – Advisors who are takers, always selling, selling, selling.

Baby Boomers are a Financial Advisors target audience

We’ve Interviewed Financial Advisors One-On-One

We continue to learn that in spite of solid sales training and training from well-respected sales oriented marketing programs, Advisors still have difficulty getting in front of new qualified boomer prospects on a regular basis. 

While Advisors know that boomers are among their most important centers of influence and are among their best and happiest clients,  most admitted they do not know how to effectively utilize this currency.

Our Solution: 

A marketing approach built on service, giving, reciprocity and permission, not sales, will serve Financial Advisors and Financial Services Industry well. Training Financial Advisors to be effective marketers, to be the Luke Skywalker’s to those dreaded Darth Vader’s, will grow an Advisor’s business exponentially. It is a simple learned skill that will quickly provide positive results that can be measured in the baby boomer market and the market in general.

It just takes mentoring, training and a little time.

It's The Bellis Method™.