An 8 Step Guide To Create An Effective Marketing Story

An effective marketing story provides new 1st appointments with qualified people personally introduced by your best clients … within 60 days and for the rest of your career.

Make your client the hero of your story!

The Marketing Story Guide

1. Make your clients and prospective clients the hero of your story. Ultimately, your story is not about you, it’s about your clients, your clients’ friends and family. No one wants to hear you sell yourself.

2. Respect and speak to the worldview of your clients/ prospects. [Post-December 9, 2015]

3. Tell smaller stories within your story that work to build empathy, create curiosity, evoke emotions and establish a sense of community.

4. Share with your clients/prospects how you or someone close to you overcame challenges/struggles similar to theirs.

5. Stay relevant. A story that resonates with your client/prospects lives will very quickly gain traction.

6. Be remarkable by being easy. Effective stories allow your clients/prospects to draw their own conclusions. No convincing, cajoling or telling them what to do. No facts or figures. No Resume!

7. Above all, be sincere. It’s the only way to establish trust. Anything less will be completely transparent.

8. Great stories are effective because they inspire action. Inspire your clients/prospects with your humility.

The Bellis Method™
Simple & Effective Marketing Stories