Accomplish 6 Critical Objectives ….

By embracing the Concept of Free, Financial Advisors can eliminate the “elephant in the room” and consistently create a pipeline of qualified prospects and qualified first appointments.
ElephantInRoomBefore you stop reading this, because the idea of “free” may freak you out, understand this: “free” is not counter intuitive to growing your practice. It’s actually the opposite. In fact, it paves the way for having a business comprised of 90-95% qualified friends and colleagues of your best clients.

Over the years we have learned a lot about what happens when Financial Advisors freely share their expertise with clients and prospects. Embracing the Concept of Free accomplishes 6 very important objectives:

  1. It brings new discussion and dialog to the relationship
  2. It shifts the listeners thinking about the speaker
  3. It builds trust
  4. It provides meaningful differentiation in a crowded Financial Advisor market
  5. It enables you to have reciprocal relationships
  6. and finally

  7. You will help more people, qualified people, because you’ve created more qualified activity… as much as you want. This activity leads to more qualified first appointments and more business growth.

Advisors who embrace the concept of free – who give their advocacy, knowledge and time – build a completely different kind of growth. It’s growth that is based on a reciprocity… where clients want to advocate and open new doors for the advisor.

Every day we see Advisors who practice “free” inspiring trust and renewed credibility, especially critical in the Advisor/Client relationship. They’re recognized as givers, not takers.

Free creates an almost immediate change in the way people observe and hear an Advisor. It gives Advisors the opportunity to tell their marketing story about their business.

The Free process makes clients and prospects feel good about themselves and about their Advisor. And that’s good for you and it’s good for them. It makes them more relaxed, more open. And for you… well, you become exceptional in their eyes.

With a good marketing plan based on the Concept of Free you can create measurable results in 60 days.

The Bellis Method™
“Building Your Business From The Inside Out”