Client Centric Marketing

The CCM Summary

Client Centric Marketing is efficient, uncomplicated, and becomes part of your everyday work.

Client Centric Marketing is built on:

  • Permission and cooperation
  • Authenticity and trust
  • Giving and reciprocity
  • 1. Worldview and Learning to Overcome The Darth Vader Complex
  • Worldview is the bias that individuals bring to every situation. For the Financial Industry, approximately 90% of the market, including your best clients and qualified prospects, share the “not to be trusted” worldview of the industry – that Advisors are takers, they’re out for themselves. We call this the Darth Vader Complex. It may be hard to hear but it’s actually a good thing – because now you know that the Darth Vader Complex limits your growth.  You’ll begin to address this when you develop your Great Marketing Story.

  • 2. Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Develop A Great Marketing Story
    • A Great Marketing Story is the cornerstone of CCM
    • It is skillfully crafted and is wholly different from what most advisors have been doing their entire career – it’s definitely not your “old school” story
    • It differentiates us from other advisors in our market
    • It isn’t about your facts and figures and accomplishments – those don’t work to build trust or interest
    • It’s about the listener than the speaker, subtlety addressing their worldview and who they are
    • Clients and prospects immediately see and feel the difference
    • It becomes the basis for a new, client-centered posture, where you break through in ways you never have before
    • It makes your audience feel good – and it makes you feel good
    • It differentiates Advisors from others in their market
  • 3. Developing the Dormant Assets You Already Have

Transforming your best clients into Client Advocates is what happens when you develop the high value assets you already have – and it is the most efficient way to grow your business.

  • It begins with identifying within the 20% of your client base, the clients you want to duplicate
  • Taking in a number of factors, this identification is not routine or superficial
  • Our selective client targeting is simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more rewarding than spending time on individuals who are not right for the process
  • It indicates your best candidates for an advocacy understanding.

Your best clients become high value when they become Client Advocates. As Client Advocates they introduce and endorse you to their qualified closest friends and colleagues.  These new, high value introductions, in turn, spawn new Client Advocates, resulting in significantly increased productivity and revenue.

  • 4. Marketing The Retirement Resource Center

The Retirement Resource Center* is not a bricks and mortar place.

  • The RRC is the the aggregate of everything an advisor has learned through the years
  • All of this knowledge is the free education and advocacy that advisors offer to warm, qualified prospects and qualified clients

The RRC directly counters the market’s widely held belief: that when it comes to advisors “it’s all about them”

  • The RRC essentially takes the “you” out of the equation
  • Your client/prospect approach “becomes” the RRC which is about free financial education and free financial advocacy.
  • It’s what clients and prospects want and it’s what you’ve always done
  • Your clients and prospects see you shifting your attention to them.

*The RRC is the name we use. Some advisors choose a name that is more specific to their own practice.

The Five Minute Open is a quick phone call to your best clients.

  • You’ll begin utilizing a portion of the Marketing Story that addresses worldview
  • The FMO starts to introduce The Retirement Resource Center
  • It is specifically crafted to identify which of your best clients, the clients you want to duplicate, are most likely to become your advocate
  • It touches on the needs and beliefs of your market, so most clients will give you permission to proceed to the One Hour Close.

The end goal of the Five Minute Open is to ask and receive permission for a meeting – The One Hour Close – to discuss with a client we’d like to duplicate, their becoming an advocate for The RRC.

  • 6. The One Hour Close

The One Hour Close is an in-person meeting where advisors share their Marketing Story and discuss the details of The Retirement Resource Center and how it came to be.

  • Advocacy is described in detail
  • Key client take away is that the RRC is highly beneficial to them, their friends and colleagues.
  • Key benefit to us is that our client advocates provide qualified warm introductions on an ongoing basis.

Many Advisors begin to meet and conduct first appointments with the qualified friends and colleagues of their client advocates within a several of weeks of the One Hour Close and before the CCM course is completed.