About Matthew Bellis

Matt has been a business and marketing consultant to financial advisors for more than 15 years.

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Matt’s expertise is in marketing and problem-solving. He has been involved in the start up and growth of numerous small businesses throughout his career.

Matt recognizes that financial advisors have been taught and trained to get facts, ask questions, educate, write proposals – to do all the good financial work, to be good financial advisors.

But being a good financial advisor and being a marketer are two separate disciplines. And marketing effectively has been the problem.

Matt teaches financial advisors to enhance all their financial training and experience by becoming effective marketers, who listen, appreciate, respect and work within the parameters of a client’s biases and viewpoints…and to market while they work.

He cautions, “To market effectively, it doesn’t matter how we see ourselves – what’s important is how our clients and prospects see us.”