In an ideal world, your book would consist entirely of clients who are similar to your favorite clients — those who are both a pleasure to work with and profitable.

We all know that ideal way to duplicate your best clients is to be personally introduced by them to their friends or colleagues who are just like your best clients.

We know many of your best clients

  • are far more likely to personally introduce you to their friends and colleagues in order to help their friends and colleagues – if you are all about service.
  • are less inclined to make these introductions to help you increase your bottom line – if you are all about sales.
  • are more likely to truly listen to your story (not a sales pitch) if it is one about service, if the story is about who you are rather than what you do.
  • will agree to become your advocate if you have a great story, one of service.

Customer Centric Marketing for Financial Advisors

Characteristics of a simple and effective client centric marketing process.

1. Permission Based –  Practicing Permission Based Interaction with clients.

2. Determine the clients you’d like to duplicate – Consider looking at a number factors to determine your top clients including: assets under management; quality of the relationship; rate of repeat business; are they grateful people; are they cooperative.

3. The Five Minute Open – A very brief permission-based call, to a client you want to duplicate, telling them about your prospective client advocacy program and asking for an in-person meeting (1 hour close) to discuss the your program … once you’re ready to announce it. Most, if not all, will agree to the meeting.

4. Developing A Great Modern Marketing Story – It’s surprising that so many Advisors, of all income levels, don’t realize the value of a carefully crafted marketing story and are blown away by its impact on the listener… and on revenue, growth and business valuation.

A great marketing story subtly focuses on the client’s “worldview”… that most people don’t fully trust the financial industry or Financial Advisors. ( “People Don’t Trust You” post) This is their worldview, their bias.

5. One Hour Close – In this meeting the Advisor shares their Marketing Story and the client advocacy program and, if permission is given, has a discussion with the client about becoming an Advocate and warmly introducing qualified friends and colleagues to the Advisor…as a service to their friends and colleagues.

Client Centric Marketing
Building business from the inside out