We are taking “blog break” to reiterate our “no nonsense guide ” for consistent, controllable and predictable growth.

Take The Bellis Method for a test drive!

It’s low risk, high reward and Financial Advisors can take it for a test drive without disrupting their business.

  1. If you are an experienced Financial Advisor, you can have consistent quality productivity when you focus on creating “qualified” client advocates.
  2. These advocates are “qualified” because they’re clients you’d love to duplicate and they agree to warmly introduce ( not refer) you to their qualified friends, colleagues and family members. They are consistent and productive centers of influence.
  3. These introductions are “new warm qualified introductions”.
  4. What would your business look like if you could get in front of one new, warm qualified prospect every 1-4 weeks?
  5. With this focus, any experienced advisor, regardless of income, can easily and permanently improve the trajectory of their business in 2-3 months.
  6. You probably have questions that require answers.

As a result of our posts, we’ve been having interesting phone and email conversations with many of you who have been following. These conversations are focused on productivity, marketing, and growth. It’s what’s on everyone’s minds. And we love it! Thank you for reaching out and please keep your calls and emails coming.

As mentors, we love taking the time to talk one-on-one with Advisors and productivity is our favorite discussion topic.

The Bellis Method™
Creating Client Advocates and Warm Qualified Introductions