A Great Tip For All Financial Advisors

Market to your best customers first, your prospects secondThis applies to Advisors of all income levels.

Select five of your best clients – your qualified clients. The clients you’d like to duplicate.  Ask each client to create a list, with your help and guidance, of three qualified friends or colleagues – people just like them. Then ask each client to arrange a meeting between you, your client and one person on the list within the next 10 – 45 days. At the meeting make sure you tell your marketing story, a story your client and the prospect will believe differentiates you from the crowd of Advisors in your community.

  1. If you can accomplish this, you are on your way to growing your business dramatically with the qualified friends, colleagues and family of your existing clients and new clients for the rest of your career.  As your business grows, so will your income and the value of your business. We call this building your business from the inside out.
  2. But, if you can’t accomplish this, there is help.
  3. Our clients get great results quickly because we mentor and teach them a simple and effective way to communicate with their qualified clients and new qualified prospects.