11 Juicy Tidbits For Financial Advisors

Valuable impressions generated from years of in-depth interviews with Advisors. 

Juicy Tidbits for Financial Advisors

Many Advisors tell us:

    1. They are growth challenged. They have tried new marketing ideas to grow their business but wound up doing much of the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result.
    2. That sales/referral systems are not delivering. Though there are many systems, incarnations and approaches – consistently producing qualified prospects remains a huge challenge.
    3. That they don’t feel in control of their business and they end up relying on the markets, new business with existing clients and a few quality 1st appointments for growth.
    4. That they are skeptical of any new marketing ideas because up till now, none have worked or made much difference.
    5. That change feels a little risky. It’s not worth it.

We tell Advisors:

  • To break away from what isn’t working no matter how comfortable it feels because if it isn’t working, it inhibits growth.
  • To look to methods that may be different and even uncomfortable at first.
  • To look beyond the sales/referral model.
  • That an open mind, thinking more broadly, is key to this process.
  • That there are effective, consistent reliable growth strategies that do work – strategies that don’t only rely on the markets, new business with existing clients and a few quality first appointment.
  • To give a new idea a reasonable segment of time to provide measurable results. Then, if the numbers aren’t there… Look for another idea.



The Bellis Method™
The 60 day plan to consistent warm qualified activity and 1st appointments.